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Sutra Neti

Sutra means a thread and Sutra Neti is also called thread neti.

Sutra Neti is advised as an alternate procedure to clearing the nasal passages in case doing Jala neti is not successful. This is recommended short of a medical procedure to remove obstructions such as polyps.

Though it MUST be learnt under expert guidance, once learnt, it is remarkably simple and serves as very good toning for the entire nasal cavity including the cranial nerves. It is extremely soothing and very effective in removing stubborn mucus.

In this method of neti, a soft rubber catheter or special cotton strings entwined together are gently inserted into the nostril. This catheter is glided along the floor of the nostrils and gradually pushed up the nasal cavity. Once it is felt a t the back of the throat, it is gently pulled from the mouth by inserting the fingers and gradually pulling it out of the mouth.

One end of the catheter protrudes from the throat while the other from the mouth. It is gently pulled back and forth to loosen the obstructions and mucus. This helps in freeing up the nostrils very effectively.

While some people can perform this quite easily on the first try, others may take up to a month or even more to become comfortable.

In fact sutra neti is an advanced form of neti to stimulate all the glands and organs of the entire nasal region including the eyes and ears. It has a very suitable effect for thyroid related disorders.

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