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Neti for Balanced breathing

Have you ever wondered why we have two nostrils when in fact the air that we inhale through them gets mixed anyway?

Irrelevant as it may seem, the 4-5 cms. of length where the air is separated has very important effects on our constitution.

In various studies there has been found a correlation between certain kinds of health disorders and breathing patterns. For example, people who generally breathe predominantly from the left nostril are found to be more susceptible to respiratory ailments such as sinusitis, bronchitis and even throat infections. They were also more likely to suffer from hyperthyroidism, decreased sex drive, stomach disorders and headaches.

Those with predominantly right side breathing are more prone to arterial disorders such as arterial hypertension.

While it is never that the breath flows equally from both nostrils, however, in a healthy person the balance keeps alternating between the nostrils every 2-3 hours. That is the sign of healthy breathing. This is said to stimulate unique nerve centers, which are found along the different nostrils for optimum respiratory and circulatory health.

Jala neti goes a long way in restoring this optimum-breathing pattern. For those suffering nasal blockages due to polyps, sutra neti is recommended to free the nostrils from such obstructions.

It is therefore seen that people who practice jala neti regularly often see themselves relieved of seemingly unrelated symptoms like gastric disorders and so on.

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