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Neti for Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves continuous changes in a woman's body. While this is a wonderful experience for any woman, it often brings with it several common ailments. Some of these include constipation, nausea and sinus infections and allergies.

Unlike any other time where you can take over-the-counter medications with gay abandon, it is not so in pregnancy.

Since sinus infections and minor throat infections are quite common, it is strongly advised that pregnant women adopt jala neti for overcoming such occurrences.

Nasal bleeds and crusty noses are quite common in pregnancy. This is because the reproductive tissues soften up which result in hardening of the nasal mucus membrane and running noses. Some women also experience blocked ears.

Neti is extremely helpful in such conditions where the symptoms vanish after just a few sessions. Moreover, unlike medications, jala neti brings about positive effects such as a clear and light head. This is just the desired effect in pregnancy where pregnancy headaches can be quite common.

It also results in an abundant supply of oxygen, which is naturally helpful for the growing foetus.

Jala neti also often results in a natural aversion to smoking. It considerably diminishes the desire for smoking, which can be a great help in pregnancy.

In all, neti can be a great help in pregnancy by cutting out medications on one hand and reprogramming the body to nurture the growing life inside you in the healthiest possible manner

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