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Neti for Yoga

The importance of jala neti in yoga dates back to thousands of years. To realize the benefits from yoga it is imperative that you can breathe fully through the nose and in advanced cases also regulate the quantum of flow through the individual nostrils.

In fact, Pranayama - one of the most important facets of yoga is responsible for bringing about tremendous changes in our body and mind. Pranayama is all about regulating and controlling the breath and thereby the life force in us.

Therefore, yogis begin their practice of yoga by doing jala neti, which ensures the desired condition for regulating breath flow.

Jala neti is also responsible for the stimulation of the pituitary gland in the brain, which is of tremendous significance in yoga. This stimulation awakens the energy center behind the forehead called the Ajna Chakra. This energy center must be sufficiently stimulated for higher states of meditation.

Therefore jala neti is an essential prerequisite for meditation too.

Relaxation is also a very important aspect of yoga and you will notice that you relax best when your breathing is unobstructed and freely flowing. This ensures an abundant supply of oxygen at the right temperature to stimulate relaxation. Here too, jala neti provides the desired result.

Thus, neti forms an integral part of yoga.

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