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Jala Neti for Smokers

Jala neti can be especially helpful to smokers, as it has been proven to relieve a large number of smokers from their addiction.

There are usually 2 components for those trying to kick the habit of smoking - one is the physical aspect and a psychological aspect. For those who are willing to accept the merits of yoga, there is a third aspect, which is the 'spiritual aspect'.

Seldom do conventional treatments 'attack' all these aspects. You may have a predominantly physical approach through the use of nicotine-free alternatives available. Or you may address the psychological aspect through hypnosis treatments and so on. But rarely is there a concerted approach at addressing all the aspects simultaneously.

What jala neti does immediately is that it opens up the nostrils remarkably so that you are automatically led to breathe through the nose. This automatic breathing results in a natural aversion to breathe through the mouth, which is the case in smoking.

At the psychological level, jala neti stimulates the mind in such a way that you develop a gradual disinterest in the act of smoking. In fact, in yoga jala neti is responsible for specifically stimulating the energy center behind the forehead, which leads to such a disposition.

Through this two-pronged approach a gradual and permanent disinterest in smoking is experienced.

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