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Stomach cleansing - Kunjal
'Vyaghra' Tiger Kunjal

As the name indicates, this practice has derived its name from the behaviour of the tiger. It is seen that the tiger, after the fatigue associated with the hunt and then the gorging of the prey, goes off to sleep in a remote place as he is the most vulnerable to attack at this time.

Upon waking, the tiger regurgitates the undigested or left over food from his abdomen. This is the food which has no use for him. By doing this, he again feels light and is again fit for the dynamic cycle of hunt and eat.

This is sometimes very similar to what we feel. Often after having a heavy meal, we are uncomfortable until several hours later. Or, sometimes, we can sense that the food we have had is not agreeable. At such a time, it may be advisable to do vyaghra kunjal where the food is thrown out. It should, however, be done as a last resort in conditions when there is a stomach pain or the food remains undigested till 4-6 hours.

It is done in exactly the same way as Jala Kunjal where a few cups of warm saline water is ingested and then the back of the tongue is pressed to induce the vomiting reaction. Care must however be taken that food particles do not enter the nasal duct.

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