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Other cleansing techniques

Stomach cleansing - Kunjal

This practice is not difficult at all and is not as awful as many people first think. It is in no way similar to the experience of being sick when the stomach is rejecting food or when you've overdosed on alcohol! Some people do it very easily first off, and some people have a bit of trouble the first few times.

Many who have trouble getting the water down, or getting the water to come up, have nothing but a mental problem with it. They believe it is a negative thing to vomit or "be sick". But this technique is not being "sick". It is just stomach washing! Many people have childhood memories of being ill from bad food or a stomach bug. Some have memories of drunken binges where the stomach has had to vomit to protect itself from overload! They often say - " I've never liked being sick" (well who has???) or "my mother used to make me drink Castor oil" or something like that. At some level there is a psychological blockage to the concept, but once they see others going about it easily, they loosen up and it happens much more easily. For this reason Kunjal and other yoga cleansing is best learned in a retreat situation. It may take a few attempts, but eventually the barriers will collapse and it is discovered not to be as bad as they thought.

The connection between stomach tension and the emotions is clearly obvious in those who have difficulties with Kunjal. Instinctively, such people suspect they might have a bit of a cry when this tension is released. They may be afraid to show their feelings in front of others, or they may have years of repressed feelings they just can't face in themselves. They consider doing Kunjal would be "a very brave thing for me to do" and afterwards they say "I feel more strong and self confident now". For such people, a short relaxation or Yoga Nidra beforehand, along with some Full Yogic Breathing, will help to allay the reticence, the fears, and to relax the emotions and the stomach.

Sometimes small traces of dead blood cells, food and mucus may colour the water which comes out, but this is not any danger. Over time the water will become clearer. Sometimes a small amount of blood may come at the end. This is usually only the result of a small broken blood vessel and is no cause for concern. With time and practise the capillaries will strengthen and not burst under such conditions (which indicates better health of the stomach lining has come about).

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