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Other cleansing techniques

Stomach cleansing - Kunjal
Benefits of Kunjal

Salt is a very good cleaning agent for the body as it helps in cleaning through a process of reverse osmosis.

Jala Kunjal is very helpful for those with a sluggish or under-active digestion. It helps in stimulating the digestive fire. It does so by increasing the circulation in the abdominal area and therefore resulting in efficient assimilation of the food in the intestine. When done regularly, this practice helps in the release of flatulence and gas from the stomach, a reduction bad breath that owes much of its cause to the stomach and excessive acidity in it. Kunjal also helps relieve several throat disorders such as coughs and a sore throat. Besides the extensive flushing of the stomach, the strong gush of water helps relieve congestion by a back-flush of the nasal passages. Because of the strong contractions of the stomach walls, the entire abdominal region including the abdominal muscles and organs are toned extensively.

As Kunjal builds up the temperature of the body, it is good for those with cold extremities and under-active digestion. In yoga, this practice is said to stimulate the energy center responsible for several psychological functions such as self-esteem and will power along with stamina.

Kunjal is very effective for Asthma because it creates heat and relieves the excessively "cold" condition of asthmatics. The act of contractions opens up the thorax area and improves the blood supply to the entire stomach area as well as the upper respiratory tract. In fact, if asthmatics do Kunjal regularly every morning, they will notice their asthmatic attacks becoming less intense and more infrequent over months.

Contra indications:
People with glaucomatic conditions, hernia, heart problems and high blood pressure should seek qualified advice before proceeding with Kunjal.

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