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Other cleansing techniques

The Cleansing practices
Vatsara Dhauti

Vatsara dhauti forms an internal cleansing technique in which the intestines are cleaned with air.

It can be done at any time of the day, but, preferably BEFORE a main meal. Under no circumstances should it be done during or after a meal. It is sufficient to do this practice one or two times.

To do this kriya or cleansing technique:

  • First sit in any comfortable position.
  • Open the mouth and shape the lips in such a manner so that it resembles a crow's beak.
  • Now assume that the air is like water and start gulping down the sir as you would while drinking water. The air may be had in one long gulp sucking in as much or it may be had in a series of continuous gulps. Of these, choose the technique which you find easy to do. The idea is to do this till the stomach feels full to the maximum extent possible.
  • Stop the practice, close your mouth and relax.
  • You need to do nothing more. Relax completely and do not try to expel the air.
  • In due course, the air will pass out of the anus in its own time.

This cleansing technique stimulates the digestive system to work in an efficient manner. It is very useful for gas and for complaints of bloating. It is specially effective for acidity and heartburn.

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