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Other cleansing techniques

The Cleansing practices

This practice is also called Eye Gazing and is used to develop concentration. When one sits and gazes continuously at some object, the process is called Trataka.


Sit on a rug or your yoga mat in the squatting position. In yoga, this is called Sukhasana. Keep the waist, back, neck and the entire spinal column erect. Be relaxed and sit in a calm manner, breathing normally. Make a sign on a piece of paper like a cross or a circle. Hang it on a wall in front of you at the level of your eyes at a distance of about 2 meters from you. Now, fix your sight upon the sign or image without closing your eyes. Concentrate only on the sign or image. Continue to gaze, non-stop till your eyes start watering or feel the strain. Once this happens, close your eyes, and imagine that symbol to be in the eyebrow center and concentrate upon that sign through the mind's eye.

You can also do Trataka by concentrating on the flame of a candle or lamp. Light a candle or lamp and place it upon a table or stool at the level of the height of your eyes. Please make sure there is no turbulence in the air around because the flame of the candle should not flutter. Keep the candle at a distance of 2 feet from you. Now fix your gaze on the flame. Continue to gaze without blinking till you feel the strain on the eyes and they start watering. Then close your eyes and visualize the flame at the eyebrow center through the mind's eye. Gradually increase the time with practice.

Benefits of this practice:

Trataka cures several eye diseases. Eyesight improves and it reduces lethargy. It increases the power of concentration.

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