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Other cleansing techniques

The Cleansing practices
Agnisar Kriya

This cleansing technique draws its name from the words 'Agni' (Fire), Sar (Essence) and Kriya (Action). Fire is the essential element of digestion and this cleansing action stimulates this fire for the digestive system to work at its optimum level.

How to do?

In this, while standing bend slightly forward from the waist while keeping the back straight. Take support by resting your hands on your knees or just above so that the back is not strained. Please make sure the arms are straight.

Now, breathe in deeply. After this, exhale fully contracting the abdomen and lugs so that all the air is expelled. While holding breath in this position, contract or 'flap' your abdominal muscles in and out. Note that this should be done rapidly while holding the exhaled position WITHOUT inhaling. Do this as many times possible and then take a slow, deep breath inside. This is one round of the practice.

Beginners may find that they lose control of the abdominal muscles and are unable to coordinate the flapping movement. These muscles must be slowly developed over time. Therefore, in the beginning three such rounds, each of 10 flapping cycles are more than enough. This should gradually be built up to 100 inward-outward flapping cycles in each round.

Time:This practice should ideally be done in the morning on an empty stomach but after evacuating the bowels.

Who should not do?

People with High BP, heart disease or internal ulcers of any kind should avoid this. Also, people with hyperthyroidism or chronic diarrhea should avoid this.


Excellent for the health of the abdominal organs and the digestive system. Works wonders on a sluggish liver and kidneys. Removes several gastro-intestinal complaints such as excessive gas, hyperacidity, indigestion etc. Massages the abdominal organs. This is an excellent practice to develop control over the sluggish abdominal muscles and diaphragm.

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