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Other cleansing techniques

The Cleansing practices
Kapal Bhati

"Kapal" means skull and "Bhati" means purification or polishing. As this practice 'clears' the head, so it derives its name.

People with cardiac troubles or high Blood Pressure should do this practice only after taking expert advice. Even if you suffer from diabetes or peptic ulcers, it is advisable to avoid this.

In this practice, first be seated in a squatting position. In yoga, there are a number of seating positions for this practice such as Siddhasana, Padmasana or Vajrasana.


While seated, please make sure that your back and neck are erect and the head is upright. Let there be no slackness or slouch in the trunk. However, be seated calmly and in a relaxed position. Shut your eyes lightly.

Now exhale forcefully from the abdomen, while contracting the abdominal muscles and drawing them inward. There is no need to focus on inhalation, which is automatic. The focus has to be only on the exhalation. Do this exhalation and automatic inhalation 11 times in a minute, without a pause. In the beginning do it slowly and then gradually increase the pressure and tempo. After 11 cycles, exhale fully and HOLD while withdrawing you anal sphincter inside to the fullest extent possible. Hold for as long as comfortable and then inhale slowly. This is one round of Kapal Bhati. In the beginning one should do only two rounds, gradually increasing to five rounds. The cycles may gradually be increased from 11 to 30 in a minute.


This is a very important cleansing process in which the entire nervous system is rejuvenated. Excess fat in the stomach is reduced and "cold" condition of the lungs such as phlegm is reduced. The brain is greatly oxygenated and the respiratory system is greatly strengthened.

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