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Troubleshooting common problems

Water Going To The Back Of The Throat

This is fairly common on the first few attempts. In Jala Neti stage 1, the idea is not to get water to the back of the nasal passages. But in stage 2, the technique is to actually sniff the water to the back of the throat on the inhalation willfully and spit it out the mouth on exhalation. In Stage 1, there is no harm or danger if that happens accidentally. It is just a matter of spitting it out. If this occurs unintentionally, it can be caused by:

  • Rushing, due to nervousness.

  • Incorrect angle of the head and/or pot.

  • Nose breathing, talking or swallowing whilst the water is flowing through.

  • Sniffing backwards instead of blowing outwards when changing sides.

  • A heavy mucus blockage in the nose causing a “damming up” effect where the water goes up and back towards the throat instead of flowing down the outgoing nostril.

  • To avoid any of the above, go slowly, to get the head into the correct position before the water starts to flow out of the pot. Remember to open your mouth and get a nice relaxed mouth breath happening before tilting the pot for the water to come out.

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