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Troubleshooting common problems

Stinging In The Nose

A tingling, or even stinging sensation in the nose can be caused by:

  • Newness of the practice which will pass after several attempts.

  • Water too fresh, that is, there is insufficient salt in the mixture or else the mixture is not stirred well enough. Use the correct measure, in a full pot. Always taste and spit before using and stir well before irrigating.

  • Water too hot. Always taste and spit first to check the temperature.

  • Water too salty. Use correct measure in a full pot. Taste and spit before using.

  • Pollutants in the water. Town water, bore water, tank water can all have various smells and tastes, some of which may sting if strong enough. Whilst recommending clean fresh water, it should not usually be necessary to boil or purify your Neti water every time, but if you suspect your town water is at fault, use bottled water, charcoal filtered town water or catch some rainwater for Neti usage.

  • Contamination in pot. Always store your neti pot upside down to avoid dust, insects, etc, getting inside. Otherwise, rinse before use. Never use toxic or aromatic solvents to clean or repair a Neti Pot.

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