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Headache Ears Popping Pressure Build Up In the Sinuses and Ears Stinging In The Nose

Troubleshooting common problems

Water Running Onto The Face

This is caused by either rushing the process or else by badly designed pots. Go slowly, step by step, to find the right angle for the pot and the head.



If this occurs during the water flow, it is most often caused by worry, tension or fear about the practice. It will go away with practice. If it occurs sometime after the first trial, it can be caused by not drying the nose well enough and salty water being left to dry in the sinus passages or else blowing too hard when changing sides and drying the nose.


Ears Popping

It can sometimes happen that the ears will pop when doing Jala Neti. Some people get a fright, and are concerned that it may be something serious but this is nothing to be concerned about. Such sounds are caused by a change in pressure in the Eustachian tubes as the water flows past, and are usually a sign that nasal mucus is clearing and balancing what was previously blocked.

It can also happen when blowing out between sides or when drying the nose, and there is a “squeaky” sound caused by a few droplets of water. After drying this goes away.


Pressure Build Up In the Sinuses and Ears

This often occurs during the first few attempts for those people with very blocked sinuses or ear passages. They must just bear with it until the warm water dissolves and removes the excess mucus. Greater relief comes in the end. One or two pots usually clear it completely.

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