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Shankaprakshalana - The Intestinal Wash Benefits of the Intestinal Wash Anatomy of Shankaprakshalana Method of Intestinal Wash

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Shankaprakshalana - The Intestinal Wash
Method of Intestinal Wash

As the longer version is very involved and needs special dietary restrictions, we shall explain - only briefly - the method of the shorter version called the "Laghoo Shankaprakshalana" or simply "Laghoo".

First thing in the morning, (on a day when you do not have to be going out for several hours), before eating or drinking anything, prepare 3 litres of saline warm (body temperature) clean and fresh water, according to the instructed recipe. The water does not have to be boiled, but if you suspect it may be impure, then it should be boiled then cooled. Drink two cups of the water and then practise each of a set of 5 special asanas, 8 times each. Then drink two more cups of the water and again repeat the asanas. Repeat this once more, drinking water and doing the postures.

Around this time you may feel like going to the toilet. You may get an urge earlier than the end of the third round, in which case, do not ignore it, but go and sit on the toilet until relieved. You should then return and complete the third round before finishing off.

Sometimes, on the first few attempts, the flow of the water may not cause the urge by the end of the third round. On such occasions, it is better to continue on, drinking a few more cups and doing the exercises until enough pressure has built up for you to "burst forth". If 7 or 8 cups doesn't get things moving, repeat all the exercises again, one more time, or take a good brisk walk. In any event, do should not have to go past 10 cups of water and 5 or 6 rounds of exercises.

All of the water will not be evacuated initially, but in the course of the next few hours, it should all pass through the rectum, leaving the intestines and bowels clear of all matter. For this reason, stay nearby to a toilet for the morning.

Wait at least half an hour after completing the drinking and exercising before eating anything. There are no dietary restrictions for this short intestinal wash.

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