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Shankaprakshalana - The Intestinal Wash Benefits of the Intestinal Wash Anatomy of Shankaprakshalana Method of Intestinal Wash

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Shankaprakshalana - The Intestinal Wash

Benefits of the Intestinal Wash

Intestinal wash has several important benefits to the body and mind. This is true of both the short as well as the longer version of the Intestinal wash.

The only other method that can do a thorough cleansing job of the 'insides' is a prolonged fast which is not only difficult but also must be carefully monitored. Needless to say, no medicine can serve this purpose.

The action of the saline water is very effective in removing blockages and impurities from the gastro-intestinal tract. As a result it is very effective from those suffering constipation and digestive disorders such as stomach gas, stomach pains and hyperacidity. It is also very beneficial for urinary and kidney health as it prevents the formation of kidney stones and infection.

Many diseases are indirectly related to intestinal health. These include disorders resulting out of 'impure' blood such as bad complexion, acne, boils and rashes. General health is also greatly improved.

The intestinal wash is very effective for menstrual related problems in women including PMS and irregular cycles. It is also recommended in cases of woman infertility. The intestinal wash techniques are recommended for healthy people too. It makes one feel lighter and sharpens the intellect. It is also recommended for those performing yoga to attain higher levels of awareness.

While the long version of the intestinal wash provides quik relief from several ailments, the short version also provides desired results over a longer period of time when done regularly - about once a month.

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