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Other sinus irrigation tools

Grossan Nasal Tip with Water Pic:

Designed by a US ENT specialist, the system pulses the water inot the nostrils at minimum pressure through a Water PicTM


Has its efficacy is borne out by favorable testimonials. Allows abundant water supply. Is said to be very effective for deep cleansing the nasal cavities.


Costly - about a 100 bucks. Requires batteries or power. Setting it up and cleaning may take time because of the large number of pieces.

Saline Nasal Sprays:

Various brands available that comprise of just salty water with a bare sprinkling of ingredients. Used by squirting into nostrils as needed.


Not effective in relieving rhino sinusitis or the common cold.

The Cup Method:

In this, warm saline water is 'drunk' through the nostrils from a bowl.


If you have a cup at hand, the method is free. No equipment needed.


Messy, often uncomfortable and an improper emphasis on drying can result in worsening of the symptoms.

The Syringe Method:

Uses a syringe to purge water into the nostril. It can be painful especially when done by others. Also allows very little water for flushing at a time.

A Plastic Bottle:

Though cheap, plastics can be 'smelly' and is again a hassle for proper irrigation.

There are many ingenious ways in which people come up to irrigate their nostrils. Some even use a hose. The bottom line is that if you're serious about treating your sinus infection symptoms there are several scientific options available such as the neti pot that is easy on the pocket while being extremely effective.

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