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Endoscopic Treatment for Sinus Fracture

New studies show that frontal sinus fractures can be successfully repaired with an endoscopic technique. Though challenging, this new technique could have many benefits to the patient.

Development of instrumentation and techniques for endoscopic brow lifting has opened the door for other endoscopic procedures. The main benefit of an endoscopic surgery is that the patient does not have large incisions. Just two or three small incisions are made, usually in the hairline.

Frontal sinus fractures account for 5 percent to 15 percent of facial injuries. They are commonly associated with motor vehicle crashes, sporting events and assaults. Researchers from the University of California, Davis conducted a study to test endoscopic repair on frontal sinus fractures on 11 cadavers.

Researchers say the miniplates were done in five cadavers. Two were successful and one was partially successful. Bone cement was used in nine cadavers and researchers rated all of them excellent or good.

Researchers say frontal sinus fractures can be done with an endoscopic repair approach, though it is a challenging procedure where success rates can vary. They say the bone cement offered the best outcome.

Doctors used the standard incisions in the hairline and a one-centimeter incision below to see the fracture. The fractures were then repaired with the use of a miniplate or with bone cement. Generally, the difficulty in repairing a frontal sinus fracture is getting it to look normal and not have deformities.

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