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The tradition of nasal irrigation

In ancient times, there were very few but very effective techniques to prevent illness. The approach was more towards prevention rather than cure. Everyone practiced simple techniques like nasal wash, enema and yoga regularly.

Nasal irrigation prevented illness caused through the sinus and respiratory passages, enema prevented illness caused by toxic wastes that accumulate in the intestines and yoga maintains a balance of strong mind and body.

The nasal irrigation or wash has no side effects and costs nothing. Fresh water or saline water is used as rinsing fluid. The solution must preferably be isotonic.

Mucous creates a culture medium for bacteria. The nasal irrigation or wash frees the nasal mucous membranes of any congested secretions and mucous.

Accumulated dust particles and other wastes efficiently removed by a simple wash. By nasal irrigation, inflammation and infection are considerably reduced, circulation and regeneration of the epithelia increased. Immunological defensive condition of the patients is improved.

When nasal irrigation is done on a regular basis, susceptibility to colds decreases considerably in comparison with other people. It also helps people with allergies, as the inflammatory mediators, which maintain the rhinitis (Inflammation of the membranes of the nose), are washed away.

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