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Sinus Related Articles > Role of Environment and Atmosphere in developing sinusitis

Role of Environment and Atmosphere in developing sinusitis

  • Atmospheric Pressure
    Changes in atmospheric pressure, such as while flying, climbing to high altitudes, or swimming, can cause sinus blockage and therefore there is an increased chance of developing sinusitis. Swimming increases the risk for sinusitis for other reasons like direct exposure to infection.

  • Air Pollutants
    Air pollution from industrial chemicals, cigarette smoke, or other pollutants can damage the cilia responsible for moving mucus through the sinuses. Air pollution is an important cause of sinusitis and many of the pollutants are critical factors contributing to the aggravation of the problem.

  • Cigarette Smoke
    Cigarette smoke, for example, poses a small but increased risk for sinusitis in adults. Second-hand smoke does not appear to have any significant effect on adult sinuses, although it does seem to pose a risk for sinusitis in children.

  • Hospitalization
    Hospitalized patients are exposed to a number risks of infection through both utilities and equipment. They are at higher risk for sinusitis, particularly the following:

    • Patients with conditions requiring insertion of tubes through the nose.

    • People whose breathing is aided by mechanical ventilators may have a significantly higher risk for maxillary sinusitis. In fact, treating sinusitis in such patients may significantly reduce the risk for ventilator-associated pneumonia.

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