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Recently, there have been a splurge of videos on Youtube professing several things about neti – from demos to product advertising to fun videos exploring different mixtures and funny models for their neti.

I thought it would be good to caution folks seriously looking at the practice as a therapy or relief.

For one, please treat the ‘fun’ videos as just that – fun. Please don’t read anything into it from a user perspective. Many of them are actually seen putting up dangerous stuff up their noses. Or then, doing the practice shoddily and then blaming the process rather than themselves!

But more dangerous than the outright fun videos are the amateur ones. While the motive is often genuine which is to demonstrate - if not to brag :), the amateur approach can make the practice a bit disconcerting for some. Simple things like the angles or the drying process are taken casually, which can cause discomfort to the new user.

As with all things started with noble intentions but open to misuse, it is becoming increasingly difficult to spot the gems from among the stones

I have had a chance to view some of these, and as always the video that stands out for its clarity and simplicity of learning is the video at:


… nothing to beat it from a learner’s point of view.

But if you’re just looking for the funny side, have a blast – youtube won’t disappoint :)

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